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Art & Protest: What's there to be mad about?


Pull Yourself Together, Bobby Baker. Image © Hugo Glendenning, 2000

Art - Protest: What’s there to be mad about? is a group exhibition of artworks and protest ephemera curated by artist and activist Dolly Sen. The exhibition is currently on at Bethlem Gallery in Beckenham and features documentation of Bobby Baker’s Pull Yourself Together.

There are people who rise up against what has hurt them, whether it be psychiatric coercion, benefit cut deaths, austerity, or any other form of oppression. The exhibition is a celebration and acknowledgement of the role of art in political activism.

As Sen says, “Art is our armour to go into battle with”. The exhibition “provides a platform for dialogue around art, activism and the mental health system.”

Location: Bethlem Gallery, Beckenham, Kent

Dates: 7th September - 8th November 2019

Hours: 10am – 5pm Wednesday – Friday, plus the first - last Saturdays of the month.

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