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Daily Life Ltd presents Cure All Karaoke!

Daily Life Ltd presents… 
An Incredible Cure All Karaoke Extravaganza! 
Friday 4th December 2015, 7:30pm – late 
Chats Palace, Hackney, London E9 6DF It is our 20th Anniversary this year!

Please join us for our Celebratory Cure All Karaoke Cabaret. The evening will feature a sensational line up of performers, divas, wanna be divas, and provide you – the audience – with your chance to shine too!

Song list to include SONGS THAT SAVE THE SOUL,  including  I Will Survive  by Gloria Gaynor (Bobby Baker special),  Happy  by Pharrell Williams and  Lean On Me  by Bill Withers. What are your top singing survival songs? Sponsor a survival song or sing one yourself.

The evening will also feature a survivors special ‘Cure the World and save Humanity’ performance of COOK DEMS by Bobby Baker, and other essential self help tips. Please CLICK HERE for tickets!!

Daily Life Ltd presents Cure All Karaoke!
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