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Redeeming Features of Daily Life

£25 rrp “Performance artist and painter Bobby Baker has daringly confronted the fragilities and pleasure of human existence with challenging honesty. In a powerful feminist tradition of speaking herself – speaking her own truth – she has ranged from hilarity to the deepest pathos. Her vision, sometimes excruciating, has produced a singular and profoundly important body of art work about the struggle and the joys of living.” Griselda Pollock, University of Leeds “Finally, a book on Bobby Baker! Here is an important artist — important to visual art, to performance art, to culinary art, to frank and brave art. Here is a book essential for anyone invested in questions of mental health, feminism, hilarity, pain, everyday life on the planet, and the crushing honesty of the banal detail. Here, too, is a beautiful book, full of images and insights, smartness and hope.” Rebecca Schneider, Brown University Bobby Baker is one of the most widely acclaimed and popular performance artists working today. This fully-illustrated book brings together for the first time an account of Baker’s career as an artist with critical commentary by reviewers and academic practitioners. It includes: – Bobby Baker’s own ‘Chronicle’ of her work as artist and performer
– Transcripts of Baker’s performances and other original material reproduced here for the first time
– Illuminating critical writing about Baker’s shows, carefully edited and contextualised
– Significant new essays by Michèle Barrett and Griselda Pollock and a new interview with Bobby Baker by Adrian Heathfield Under the guiding editorial hand of distinguished cultural theorist Michèle Barrett, this volume is a hugely absorbing and accessible account of Baker’s work and an essential text for students interested in performance, gender and visual culture. Available from all good bookshops, not from Daily Life Ltd direct.

Redeeming Features of Daily Life
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