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Cook Dems

Bobby Baker performance

Variable duration between 20 to 70 minutes

Originally commissioned by the Third Eye Centre for Glasgow City of Culture, Cook Dems was billed as a cookery demonstration fit for every occasion, where Bobby Baker toured a portable kitchen, creating a unique outfit, designed to increase women's status, consisting of Baked Antlers, Breast Pizza, and Bread Ball skirt. Initially the show toured to places in the Strathclyde region where groups of women met, including refuges, evening classes, community centres and homes. 

Endlessly flexible, portable, accessible and adaptable, Cook Dems, with extra recipes later added to include sauces and choux pastry, was staged in multiple contexts and in venues ranging from intimate theatres to international festivals. These included Third Eye Centre, Glasgow; Cairo Opera House; Customs House, Sydney; BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour recording studio; private houses.

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