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First F.E.A.T

Bobby Baker performance

8 & 9 March 2008

Toynbee Studios, London

First F.E.A.T was a performance by Bobby Baker created to mark the launch of the ‘Bumper Package’ of publications. One dozen Queen Maryites joined Baker in a fiesta of ladle dancing, and other delights.  

F. fundamental (essential or primary)

E. ephemeral (lasting only for a short time)

A. affective (to move someone emotionally)

T. treat (any delightful surprise or specially pleasant occasion)

First F.E.A.T was staged in celebration of the launch of the ‘bumper package’, comprising the book Bobby Baker: Redeeming Features of Daily Life edited by Michèle Barrett and Bobby Baker, a series of nine DVDs of past and current shows, and a revamped website.


Performed by Bobby Baker with Lewis Church, Lauren Davis, Hannah Dunn, Rebecca Fuller, Alex Hylands-White, Heather Long, Louise Mothersole, Khuram Rashid, Poppy Spowage, Elena Trivelli, Antonia Wilson and Merika Vine from Queen Mary, University of London Department of English and Drama

Director: Bobby Baker

Movement Director: Siân Stevenson

Ladle dancing outfit: Charlie Whittuck, Chris Winter

Production Manager: Steve Wald

Technical Assistant: Matt Easterling

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