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Give Peas a Chance!

Daily Life Ltd. project

19 July 2008, street performance for Bonkersfest! and Wellcome Collection, London

There are many silent ‘p’s in the professions that deal with the mind, whether in psychology, psychiatry, or psychotherapy. And while we can hear the ‘p’ in patient, can we hear what patients really think?

Presented in association with Clean Break and Queen Mary Drama Department, University of London Daily Life Ltd.’s Give Peas a Chance! gave peas an opportunity to speak their minds and march against the outrage of aspects of the mental health system. Parading through Camberwell Green, and occupying the Wellcome Collection building and surrounding streets, the peas periodically popped out of their pods and erupted into choreographed dance routines and politically pertinent chants.


Bobby Baker, Siân Stevenson, Lewis Church, Lauren Davis, Alex Hylands-White, Heather Long, Louise Mothersole, Khuram Rashid, Sarah Reeder, Elena Trivelli, Tonia Wilson

Producer: Steph Allen

Project Manager: Emma Leach

With thanks to the inspiration and vision of SarahTonin and Creative Routes, Producers of Bonkersfest!

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