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Letting in the Light

Daily Life Ltd. project

21 January – 23 March 2016
The Grove, Stratford High Street, London

Referencing Groucho Marx’s words ‘Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light.’, Letting in the Light showcased the work of 35 artists with personal experience of mental distress from across the UK. The works were selected by a panel including Bobby Baker, artist Sara Haq and curators from Bethlem Gallery and Outside In, Pallant House. Displayed on freestanding lightboxes throughout the dark winter months, the works illuminated Stratford High Street in east London and encouraged people to re-consider their preconceptions about mental health.

The exhibition included artworks by Anna Berry, Anthony Woods-McLean, Chris Gray, Daniel Reagan, Dolly Sen, George Harding, Graeme Newton, Greenwoodflett, Greg Bromley, Helen Parker, Jackie Bennet, Jan Arden, Jane McCormick, Jasmine Surreal, John Jennings, Julia M Oak, Kate Rolison, Kim Feld, Kristina Veasey, Lea Cummings, Lesley Greening Lassoff, Liz Atkin, Manuela Hubner, Martin Phillimore, Nuala Hamilton, Phil Baird, Sara Rivers, Stephanie Bates, Sue Morgan, Sue Trickey, Terence Wilde, Tess Springhall, Tilley Milburn, Yvonne Mary Parker

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