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Table Occasions

Bobby Baker performance

Variable duration between 5 to 25 minutes

Multiple venues (see below)

Table Occasions were a series of short performances, created by Bobby Baker to mark the ‘specialness’ of each occasion, but always operated around a set of strict pre-defined rules. The rules were explained to the audience at the outset that ‘there must be a table, two chairs, my travelling cool bag, an occasion, and of course me…oh and best shoes’ with the strictest rule of all, that Baker must not walk on the floor.

Table Occasions 1–8 were held at the Australian Embassy; Leicester New Works Festival; Board Member’s House, London; Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London; ‘Shattered Anatomies’ book launch, Arnolfini, Bristol; Hanover Industry Fair, Tanz und Theaterburo; University of Essex/Minories Gallery/Colchester Arts Centre; Brecknock School, London.

Table Occasions 9 –15 were held at Salisbury Festival; Schouwburg’s 10th Anniversary, Rotterdam; UK EU Presidency Launch, Münchner Künstlerhaus; Arts Council England Party, London; National Review of Live Art, Glasgow; Café Teatret, Copenhagen; Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London.

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