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What we do

Daily Life Ltd. was established by Bobby Baker in 1995. The organisation enables Baker to make her ambitious artwork across all media including performance, drawing, film, installation, radio, painting, and digital media.


Our work falls broadly into three areas:

  • Baker’s new projects – currently EPIC DOMESTIC [hyperlink]

  • Curatorial projects, touring and archiving of Baker’s extensive collection of work.

  • Projects that advocate for, promote and support the talent of marginalised creative practitioners. This ranges from mentoring and peer networking to talks and workshops.


We take art to places where you least expect to find it (as well as to places where you do!).


In our experience, the art world isn’t a place where all artists and creative people feel welcome, heard, or represented. This is particularly the case when it comes to women and other people who already find themselves marginalised in society. Our work addresses this imbalance.


We focus on art and activity that engages the public wherever they are, and advocates for people experiencing adversity, including due to gender, race, health, disability or social circumstance.


We collaborate with like-minded artists and organisations across the arts, health, and disability sectors.

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