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Grown-up School

Bobby Baker live production made in collaboration with Polona Boloh Brown

Workshops and 60 minute show

LIFT Festival 1999 and Brecknock Primary School, London

Grown-up School was a project in two parts that began with a series of workshops for 60 Year 5 primary school pupils who conceived of their ideal school for grown-ups to attend. Their ideas and rules covered the curriculum, playground language, uniform, punishment, and rewards. These were compiled in a book featuring artwork and writing by the children. This work presaged the public show, created by Bobby Baker and assisted by three children, in which groups of adults were escorted into the school by the children and taught a lesson by Baker whilst sitting at children’s desks. They were told a story, illustrated by tiny strawberry figures, which intimated the dangers of human nature, and the adult world.


Collaborators: Polona Baloh Brown and Mark Storor

Book design: Jacqueline Palmer

Daily Life & Arts Admin Production

Grown-up School is the fourth work in the ‘Daily Life Series’ which comprises five performances that span the decade between 1991 to 2001. Other works include: Kitchen Show (1991), How to Shop (1993), Take a Peek! (1995), and Box Story (2001).

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