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How to Shop

Bobby Baker live production made in collaboration with Polona Boloh Brown

70 minutes

LIFT Festival ‘93, London

Taking the form of an illustrated lecture on how to undertake a spiritual journey as part of a trip to the supermarket, this multi-media show incorporated both live performance and pre-recorded film material. Assuming the role of ‘Expert Shopper’, Bobby Baker imparted theories on the significance of shopping in contemporary culture, providing practical demonstrations. These included time-saving trolley techniques and teaching seven easy-to-follow spiritual values in order to master the art of successful supermarket shopping. Baker illustrated the virtues through scenes of piano-playing, dancing, cooking, and filmed sequences.


Co-Director: Polona Baloh Brown
Commissioners: LIFT ’93, London and Arnolfini, Bristol
Funder: Arts Council England
Film: Toby Oakes and Carole Lamond
Producer: Steve Wald

How to Shop is the second work in the ‘Daily Life Series’, which comprises five performances that span the decade between 1991 to 2001. Other works include: Kitchen Show (1991), Take a Peek! (1995), Grown-up School(1999), and Box Story (2001).

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